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in Thun

magnificent 94%
romantic 87%
mysterious 91%
playful 84%
nostalgic 98%

Schlossberg 1, 3600 Thun Canton Berne


Best time is between February and October

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Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and Lake of Thun, the medieval Castle Thun stands out from the idyllic landscape. Kings have never lived in this palace, but the walls tell many myths and secrets…

The castle courtyard and its surroundings invite you to stroll, in an ambience that lets you travel back in time. The myths surrounding the castle make the tour of the museum an exciting journey of discovery:
The wooden ceiling of the imposing knight’s hall was soaked with oxen blood to give the hall and its guests strength and longevity.
Up the spiral staircase you can find a pool of blood from the legendary fratricide. The scratch marks from the dead brother’s fall can still be seen on one of the castle windows.
Locked up in the castle tower you can find the mask of “Fulehung”. He was a fool who was captured for his mockery of the Thun army and chased through the city until he collapsed from exhaustion. That is how he got his name “Fulehung” – “lazy dog”. A tradition that has been preserved to this day.

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